The brand

Founded in March 2021 by Romane Stafiniak, STNK is a brand based on upcycling and natural dyeing . The pieces offered by STNK are second-hand items , transformed and personalized using natural dyeing.

This technique is artisanal and random , it allows to obtain unique colors and patterns for each piece. The natural dye is of plant origin and the fixatives used are derived from minerals.

Everything is made by hand and in Paris. The selected materials are made of natural fibers : cotton, linen, wool and silk. The STNK universe is built around singularity, attention to detail, and accessibility. Each garment is unique and most pieces are unisex . The sizes and cuts of the clothes, often oversized, are just as well suited to the men's wardrobe as to the women's wardrobe.

Sustainability and ecology are among the main values ​​of the brand. At STNK, there is no seasonality. The labels are printed on recycled paper and the packaging used to send the orders comes from recovery .

The creator

During the end of her fashion studies, Romane Stafiniak created STNK. His wish is to introduce natural dyeing and textile upgrading to as many people as possible. Passionate about vintage, second-hand and color, she is also an expert in natural dyeing. It was during her training in textile design that she first learned this artisanal technique, before specializing and doing her own research and experiments.

Also a model by profession and a fan of fashion, Romane draws inspiration from her daily life, trends and collections from luxury houses to create her own patterns, color combinations and collections.