Raw materials

The collections are built around craftsmanship, second-hand, upgrading and natural materials.

All products are designed, in a thoughtful way, to obtain a composition and a manufacturing technique that is as respectful as possible for the environment.

Our goal is to help our customers to consume better and to encourage them to give their clothes a second life.


The mordants (or fixers) used for the dyes are natural and derived from minerals such as alum salt, copper sulphate and iron sulphate.


The natural dyes used are created from pigments, shavings, dried plants of natural vegetable and mineral origins.

The most commonly used dyes are: indigo, alfalfa, logwood, cashewwood, onion, turmeric, dyer's madder and cochineal. The latter is of animal and not vegetable origin.

textiles and clothing

The collections are designed only from second-hand clothes and textiles.

The materials are natural: cotton, linen, wool, silk.


Our different natural dyeing techniques are done by hand. The garments are unique or semi-unique pieces, produced in small limited quantities.